Agile Practitioner Take the Test

logo_practitionerSo…are you an Agile Practitioner?

Honestly answer the questions below to yourself and find out!

  • I am a person who ensures improvements of my team’s processes and way of working.
  • I am able to challenge the people around me to think and act out of their comfort zone and remove impediments and waste.
  • I understand how my team delivers customer value and how architecture and quality assurance influence that value.
  • I am able to regularly demonstrate working software that is potentially shippable.
  • I use risks and uncertainties as a guide for setting priorities.
  • My team works transparently and reflects continuously. By doing this, I am able to adapt and achieve increasingly better results.
  • I stimulate leadership in myself and people around me which increases my team’s performance.
  • I make sure team members collaborate well and build on each other’s strengths.
  • By collaborating intensively with stakeholders, I achieve an optimal combination of customer satisfaction and other product requirements.

So…will you take on the challenge?


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