Agile Practitioner Procedure

logo_practitionerStep 1: Applying for the Agile Practitioner Exam

To apply*) for an Agile Practitioner exam, please fill in the application form and send it to our office together with your curriculum vitae.

You will be allowed to enter the Agile Practitioner Program if your application form and CV clearly reflects experience with agile projects or agile teams. There is no limitation as to which agile method you use or ‘school’ you belong to. However, we recommend at least 6 months of experience.

The required language for your application form, CV, writing the synopsis and for taking the oral exam is either Dutch or English.

Step 2: Writing your project synopsis

After we have received your application form and CV, your application as an Agile Practitioner Exam candidate will either be granted or deferred.

If your application is granted, you will receive a request to write a project synopsis which reflects your experience, knowledge, skills and attitude towards the agile way of working, your project(s) or team(s), your organization and your peers. Please refer to the reference card for full details about the topics you need to cover. Use the synopsis template to write your synopsis. We expect you to send it to us as a Microsoft Word document.

As soon as your project synopsis is received back, your examiners will assess it. You will either receive either (1) a pass or (2) a defer.

  1. When you receive a pass, you will be invited to the oral exam in which you will reflect on your project synopsis and answer additional questions. Two examiners will challenge you to get the most out of the exam. They will give you some insight in how to prepare for the oral exam.
  2. When you receive a defer, your synopsis did not contain enough information to invite you to the oral exam. The examiners would have to spend too much time on collecting the evidence from you. In this case you will receive instructions on how to proceed from your examiners.

Step 3: Taking the oral exam

Once your synopsis receives a pass, then the next stage will be the oral examination.

The aim of the oral examination is to confirm you as an Agile Practitioner as stated in the reference card. The same two examiners who passed your synopsis will carry out the oral examination. The examiners will ask you questions to assess your knowledge, understanding and practical application of agile and the change you have been able to create with that. You are not allowed to refer to any documentation or notes during the examination.

The examination takes around 45 minutes. The questioning will be divided approximately equally between the examiners. Part of the examination will focus on questions related to your synopsis; part will focus on your additional practical experience, knowledge and inights. Typically, while one examiner is asking questions, the second examiner will be making notes. Please do not assume that this is any kind of negative indication on your performance.

Please note that oral examinations are typically recorded, for quality purposes.

In the examination room, there will always be a flip chart and pens, or pen and paper. So if it would help you to draw a diagram to explain something then please ask the examiners to allow you to do this. However, you will not be able to bring in diagrams or charts you have prepared previously.

The Agile Practitioner examination will give candidates every possible opportunity to give a correct answer, and will come back to questions where something has been missed. The examiners’ objective is to give you every opportunity to succeed and pass the exam.

By the end of the examination, the examiners will ask you to leave the room so that they can discuss. They will then call you back into the room and will give you the result.

When you pass the exam, the examiners will congratulate you and ask if you want feedback. Some candidates are keen to hear the examiners’ comments, whilst others prefer not to be told immediately. It is entirely up to you. Typically, you will receive a letter from the Agile Consortium confirming the result, and giving any feedback within 7 work days. The Agile Practitioner Certificate will then be sent to the address you filled in on the application form.

If you are unsuccessful, the examiners will ask if you want feedback immediately. It is entirely up to you whether to take feedback at this point. The examiners will tell you where you did well, where your knowledge of agile needs further study, and recommend ways to further improve. You will also receive a letter from the AgileConsortium confirming the result, and containing feedback, typically within 7 work days.

Apply now!

So…do you want to take up the challenge? Take a look at the exam schedule to see when we take exams or just contact us either by e-mail of phone. Contact details are on the right side of this page!

*) Applicants outside The Netherlands and Belgium

If you reside in the United Kindom apply by filling in the UK application form. Residents of Sweden and Denmark should contact the DSDM Consortium Sweden at or by calling +46-(0)8 – 4102 3211. Please note that currently all our examiners are based in The Netherlands.

If you reside in other areas outside The Netherlands or Belgium, please contact our office to discuss possibilities. You may qualify for doing an online exam (by webcam), which we have done successfully a few times.


Do you wish to take an Agile Exam, want more information or have specific demands?

Please send us an e-mail at or call us on +31 (0)342 47 51 53


Do you work for an organization and do you wish to certify several people at once? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.