Agile Practitioner Investment


You are free to define your personal investment with regard to how you prepare for the exam. Please take note of the preparation requirements for the exam. If you get lost, please contact us for help or find other Agile Practitioners to help you.

Retaking an exam

If you have previously written a project synopsis and received a “defer”, you will have one opportunity to redo your synopsis within one year and taking into account any instructions and prerequisites given to you by your examiners.

If you received a “pass” on your synopsis, but did not manage to pass the oral exam, you may take the oral exam again within one year. In this case you also have to take¬†nto account any instructions and prerequisites given to you by your examiners which may or may not include that you will have to write a new synopsis.

You will receive one redo for either your synopsis or oral exam for free. If you receive a second defer or cannot redo your part of the exam within one year, you will have to re-apply.


Do you wish to take an Agile Exam, want more information or have specific demands?

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Do you work for an organization and do you wish to certify several people at once? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.