Agile Practitioner Exam Preparation


Writing your synopsis

Your synopsis should allow your examiners to verify your experience and understanding of agile principles and practices. Moreover, you need to show that you have practiced agile leadership. That means that your synopsis should cover the topics mentioned in the reference card for the exam. In essence, you need to have experience in agile projects or agile teams and prove that you can make a difference using your agile mindset

In your synopsis you reflect on your agile experience and what you achieved within your project(s) or team(s). Your experience need not be continuous, but should show a total of at least that level of experience. We recommend at least 6 months of agile experience to have a better chance to pass the Agile Practitioner exam.

Perhaps not everything you did was in line with what is generally accepted as being “agile”. That’s okay. The aim is to prove that you understand the concepts of agility and what it takes to be an agile leader. The important thing, both in the synopsis and in the oral examination, is to demonstrate your understanding of the problems and risks related to both agile and non agile approaches  This is a generic agile qualification, and the core values of agile approaches will be the baseline against which you are being measured.

Whenever you encountered behaviour that was not in line with agile, please mention it in your synopsis and reflect on the impact it had.

The maximum amount of words you can use in the synopsis is 2500. Use them well. If your synopsis contains more than 2500 words, it will be deferred,

Please refer to the synopsis template for further instructions on writing your synopsis.

The oral exam

When reading your synopsis, your examiners may have highlighted areas which require clarification. They will inform you of any special actionsto take to prepare properly fr your oral exam.

Questions asked during the oral exam will be generic agile questions, rather than being related to one specific agile approach. Questioning will be related to the competencies in the reference card and to the details of your project, as introduced in your synopsis.

During the oral examination, examiners make all possible allowances for candidates who are nervous. To try and set you at your ease, typically the examination will start with some straightforward and simple questions about your project or team.

Make sure you know your story well. You will be expected to look from different angles to the situation you describe in your synopsis, not just as seen from your own role.

Any questions?

When in doubt about how to prepare, please contact us using the contact info in the column on the right. Perhaps you can even find other people who have taken an Agile Practitioner exam and ask them how they prepared.


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