Agile Practitioner Benefits

logo_practitionerA desire to obtain an Agile Practitioner Certificate helps you to truly reflect on your actions as an agilist and become even better at what you do. You might as well inspire others while at it. You will reflect on both your successes and failures and learn from both.

Remember the Manifestofor Agile Software Development, which teaches us to “discover new ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it”.

Use the Agile Practitioner Exam to measure if you are experienced enough to be taken seriously when you initiate agile practices at work or when you try to help other people become more agile.

The next level in the Agile Certification Roadmap is the Agile Master Certificate. You are not required to have obtained an Agile Foundation nor an Agile Practitioner certificate to apply for the Agile Master, although it may help you a lot.


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