Agile Practitioner

Do you practice an agile mindset?

Do you achieve tangible results while applying agile practices?

Are people inspired by your initiatives?

Can you truly help a team improve?

If so, then you might as well sign up for the Agile Practitioner Exam! It will probably turn out to be an invaluable tool for you because you are challenged to reflect deeply on your results as a person who practices agility.

The Agile Practitioner Certificate is only granted to those who prove to understand what agile is all about by…doing it and helping others do it.

Please read all about the Agile Practitioner Certificate on this website and let us know when you want to participate!



Do you wish to take an Agile Exam, want more information or have specific demands?

Please send us an e-mail at or call us on +31 (0)342 47 51 53


Do you work for an organization and do you wish to certify several people at once? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.