What is the Agile Master Certificate?

Agile Master logoThe Agile Master Certificate demonstrates competence in agile performance. This is the highest level in the Agile Consortium certification series. The certified Agile Master’s knowledge, experience and attitude towards agile methodologies and procedures have been assessed. This is based on thorough understanding of the agile body of thought, knowledge of agile practices, practical experience with agile and the attitude to achieve relevant results with an agile approach.


An Agile Master is able to clearly carry out the agile body of thought, also to people who are unfamiliar with it. The Agile Master is capable of integrating the agile body of thought with the context he/she is in, whether it is a project, part of the organisation or the organisation as a whole. He/She has the ability to gain trust, to carry out the agile body of thought, and to introduce and shape this within the organisation.


The Agile Master uses knowledge from existing agile practices to create an agile working method that suits the context of his/her daily activities. To accomplish this, he/she adjusts these practices where needed and integrates them. Furthermore, he/she is able to combine the agile way with other aspects he/she encounters in the daily context, such as architecture, culture, skills, quality regulations and various standards. This way the Agile Master can lift agile to its maximum value to support ánd realise company objectives, but also for other possible interests within organisations.


Examples of added value of the agile Master are:

  • Building confidence for the agile way of working within a project. Project members familiarise themselves with the agile working method.
  • Gaining trust with the board of the organisation, after which the agile working method is taking shape within the organisation.
  • Successfully leading a project or a program where a desired outcome is achieved the agile way.
  • Winning over various types of professionals, followed by the organisation shaping her architectural approach the agile way.
  • Integrating with existing quality systems such as CMMI. Practices within a project or organisation are being assessed through these quality systems and possibly combined with other quality regulations.
  • Changing people’s attitude and behaviour, making them show exemplary Agile behaviour in their environment.
  • Conquering resistance on various levels by introducing and tyring out alternative approaches.
  • Transforming working methods by making changes the agile way.


The Agile Master Certificate is achieved by passing the Agile Master Exam. This exam tests the four aspects understanding, knowledge, experience and attitude. The exam consists of a written assessment of an agile synopsis and the agile CV plus an oral assessment.


An Agile Master gains access to the Agile Master community. In this community the Master can exchange information and ideas with fellow professionals. The Agile Master and the other Agile Masters are welcome to join the annual follow-up day. The certificate is valid for 5 years. After this period, recertification is required.


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