Agile Master Criteria

The agile Master meets the criteria for agile knowledge, agile skill, agile understanding and agile attitude. These criteria are listed below.


An Agile Master:


  • Is a team player
  • Strives to improve continuously
  • Embraces change


  • Knows various agile methods
  • Knows various agile techniques/practices
  • Understands the client’s domain and business
  • Can project himself into (IT) specialties


  • Achieved results
  • Guides people and teaches them something
  • Generates collaboration and interaction
  • Can (arrange to) realise a high quality product
  • Acts beyond projects


  • Contributes to the agile community
  • Passes on knowledge and experience


The exam will test understanding, knowledge, skill and attitude. An important element is how much you learn and hand back these lessons to the working field and the people who work there, the agile community in particular.


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