Agile Foundation Preparation

You find the requirements for the exam in the Reference Card. Some agile terminology will also be helpful.

Please note that we do not recommend specific books nor articles. We want you to submerge into agile without limiting you. Read books and weblogs, visit seminars and other kinds of agile events, talk to people who practice agility, and best of all, start being involved in agile yourself!

Test yourself with the sample exam and find our if you passed by reading the answers afterwards. Please note that this sample exam does NOT include any questions from the “real” exam. It is meant just to give you an impression of the kind of questions that will be asked and to practice answering 60 questions in 60 minutes.

Also be aware that there is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass the exam even after attending a 2-day training. We have no partnerships with specific trainers or training companies because Certify to Inspire is an independent quality label. Both a trainer and you should be very much aware of the exam criteria. Besides that, understanding agile might take a while if you wish to do it properly. We therefore recommend you to dive into multiple sources of knowledge instead of relying on just a few. Use the Reference Card for hints on what to look for.

The exam itself contains questions along the different categories for the exam criteria, including questions with technical content.

Good luck preparing and have some fun along the way!


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