Agile Foundation Investment

Taking an Agile Foundation Exam costs 175 euro excl. VAT per candidate. If you are a member of the Agile Consortium, you receive a 20% discount on that price, bringing it down to 140 euro excl. VAT.

Next to a monetary investment, you are free to “design” your personal investment with regard to how you prepare for the exam. Please take a look at the requirements for the exam and then decide what your preparation will look like.

We whole heartily recommend you to take a couse, read lots of books and articles but above all talk to people who apply agile principles and practices. Ask them questions, observe what they do, have them show the tricks of the trade and have great discussions.



Do you wish to take an Agile Exam, want more information or have specific demands?

Please send us an e-mail at or call us on +31 (0)342 47 51 53


Do you work for an organization and do you wish to certify several people at once? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.